Customer and CMFx App User Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a credit card to register.
A. No, If you have a promotional code for a free membership or you use code “FM345” trial membership you do not need a credit card?

Q. What credit cards are accepted for flight bookings?
A. Visa. Mastercard and American Express

Q. If I am on a trial membership and I received a promo code for free membership can I upgrade using the new promo code?
A. Yes, absolutely you can upgrade your trial membership with a free membership promo code.

Q. When I book flights on a low-cost carrier like Jetstar, can I purchases bags and select seats at the time of booking?
A. Yes during the booking process you will be prompted to add bags and select seats.

Q. Do I need to enter my name ff number and credit card with each booking?
A. No The first time you capture and passenger information it is stored in your profile and will auto-complete.

Q. Can I store all my family members as frequent travellers with me?
A. Yes, The first time you add them to a booking all their details are saved for future bookings.

Q. With fly now feature, how certain am I of getting a flight at the airport?
A. That would depend on the time of day and high season.  Daily the average load on domestic flights is around 80% that leaves  20% empty seats. Airlines want to sell these so they may be
discounting them shortly before departure. You can use the app to see availability at any time.

Q. Can I book in advance instead of taking my chances at the airport?
A. Yes, you can book for a future date.

Q. Are member fares restricted to date and time?
A. Yes, when airlines have excess capacity usually for travel in up to 90 days, we get an exclusively negotiated fare on certain routes and dates. As these are heavily discounted they are only available to a closed user group of CMFx members. These negotiated fares are never advertised or published online.

Q. How will I know what special fares are available?
A. We will send you e-mails of flash sales and special fares. You can also see these on our website (Member area).

Q. Can I add several payment methods to my wallet?
A. Yes, you can, and you will be able to select a payment method for each booking.

Q. Can I add all my frequent flyer membership numbers?
A. Yes if you have multiple FF memberships, you will be able to select which one to use as default and can also change during booking if required.

Q. Can I book my return flight using fly now before I leave?
A. Yes, even when at an Airport you can change you departure airport and book your return flight in advance.