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October 2020

Catching a flight is now as easy as grabbing an Uber!

 An Australian technology entrepreneur has developed a groundbreaking mobile app that will give Australian consumers access to super cheap fares, discounted last-minute flights and control over how they book their flights. CEO Leonard Padowitz is a successful entrepreneur in the travel industry, specializing in technology. In 2010 Padowitz co-founded BYOjet and JETMAX, growing the company into a $100m business in just five years. The Flight Centre Group subsequently acquired the BYOjet and JETMAX group of companies in December 2015.

Padowitz has announced the latest venture, the CMFx mobile application. The CMFx app is an industry-first tool that allows Australians to compare last-minute flights and access heavily reduced fares. According to Padowitz, CMFx app is designed to help fill the empty seats on domestic and international flights, while giving the traveller a fast, Uber-style booking experience and control over when they will pay for their flight.

‘In response to the current global crisis, we are seeing many travellers who booked flights months in advance who were unable to get a prompt refund, if at all, and in some cases pay high cancellation fees, even though the flight was cancelled by the airline through no fault of theirs. We have also seen the collapse of travel agents and airlines, and there may still be more failures to come. The consumer is one losing out.’ Padowitz said.

“The FlyNow! feature allows travellers to pay for their flight when they fly and to book the next available flight, taking advantage of last-minute fares including low-cost carriers like Jetstar, Scoot and Air Asia. They don’t have to worry about not getting refunds on cancelled flights or the airline or travel agent going under before they fly.” Padowitz said.

 Very few flights fly full, even before the global pandemic.

According to the ABS in January of 2020, there is an average of 42,000 empty seats every day on domestic flights across Australia and more on international flights.

“Australians would be shocked by the number of empty seats there are on most flights. Every empty seat is an opportunity for Australians to get cheap flights. The current system isn’t set up to help travellers take advantage of this massive opportunity,” Padowitz said.

According to Padowitz, airlines desperately try to sell these empty seats.

“In the market for last-minute flights, there is a lack of communication between airlines and travellers. That’s where CMFx comes in.  We are giving airlines a channel, the tool and opportunity to share these last-minute flights, and we’re giving travellers the tool to view and book them. Everybody wins.”

In addition, CMFx negotiates exclusive member-only fares, at heavily reduced rates, that are not publicly advertised. This gives the airline a channel to release special fares to the market to a closed subscription group and CMFx members have access to these exclusive fares.

“The CMFx app also offers the Flash Sales feature to address another gap we see in the industry. Some negotiated airfares cannot be released on mass or on aggregator platforms, so again there is a disconnect between the airline and the traveller. By creating a closed user group where airlines can share these reduced negotiated fares, Australian travellers can now access some of the best fares available on the market.” Padowitz said

“The CMFx app is a unique booking tool focused on last-minute flights from most major and low-cost airlines.  Our ‘FlyNow!’ feature allows travelers to find last-minute fares easily and Flash Sales connect travellers to heavily discounted flights, all at the press of a button. As easy as catching a Uber.”

Padowitz predicts that Australians will be rushing to travel when flights resume, after having been cooped up inside for so many months because of COVID-19, but they will also be wary with their spending, having watched airlines and travel companies collapse. The CMFx app is an even more useful tool, as Australian travelers look for good value and last-minute flights, with minimum financial risk.

“Ultimately, when international travel opens again, the demand for flights overseas is expected to be high and that could drive up the price. There are likely to be a lot of empty unsold seats and airlines wanting to offer great last-minute fares, and the CMFx app can easily connect members with these deals.”

“By connecting Australian travellers with last-minute fares and great value, without the concern of flights being cancelled or airlines going under, the CMFx app will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to travel post-COVID. The CMFx app is a must for Australians looking for cheap flights without the worry.”

The CMFx app also has a Partnership Program that allows businesses and social media influencers to make some extra cash by directing their customers to download the CMFx app.

“Anyone with a customer database or a social media following is eligible to become a CMFx partner. By simply inviting your customers to download the CMFx app, you will earn a percentage of every booking made by Anyone using your promo code,” Padowitz said.

The launch of the CMFx app is set to co-inside with the resumption of Australian domestic flights. It will be available on both the Apple App Store, as well as the Google Play Store.


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